Hi, my name is Xinwu.

You might also know me by my English name - Betty. With over 15 years of experience in the footwear industry as purchaser for a European leading trading company, I felt the time was right to embark on a journey of my own. I moved from China to Europe more than 10 years ago. I'm native Chinese and fluent in English. I have built many collections keeping up with the latest fashion trends. I have handled sourcing, searching for new opportunities in China and met with suppliers personally.

From my passion and experience Shoex is born.

I believe in a direct factory - customer business mode. Let Shoex handle all communication between your company and our factories. Shoex is based in Europe (Belgium) and we can visit your European offices to discuss your needs face to face. Shoex aims to be the link between you and our Chinese factories. We handle and follow up your orders to ensure correct, timely, delivery. And the best of it all? There is no middle man. Our business model is built around eliminating overhead costs. You're paying directly to the factory. Don't take our word for it, let our services and prices convince you.

What can we do for you?

Custom design
Have an idea for a design of your own? Not a problem. We listen, and do our best to transfer ideas of our customers into a collection to make the most commercial proposals. We try to take care of all your unique requirements during the whole production process. We aim to be flexible - our goal being to fully support our customers to realize the best possible results.
Our own collection follows the latest trends, including creative, original designs. Without forgetting the ever-green styles - a harmonic balance between what's new and what's classic.
Verified suppliers
Our factories are experienced and reliable. We focus on quality and long-term cooperation, minimizing risks and maximizing correct, on-time delivery. We have our own quality control team and packing accessory factory, allowing greater cost control.
Direct business
Our business model is built upon eliminating overhead costs. Shoex handles all communication for you, from start to finish - but your products will never be in our hands. You are paying directly to the factory. This allows us to come to you with very competitive prices.
Lets meet
To do business is to trust each other. We'd like to get to know you, and give you a chance to get to know us. From our office in Belgium we have the opportunity to travel to you and present our latest collections.
Factory tour
Our Chinese factories are open for visitation. You can check out all of our collections at the place they are created.

ShoeX @ Expo Riva Schuh Winter 2024

Oudenaarde, Belgium
KBO (BTW) 0.774.695.646